When you think of buying a crane then surely it is not an easy decision to make. When you think of buying a used crane you come across so many options off course. When you buy a used crane it is quite cheaper but you need to dig deeper, do you think that it is really cheaper? Maybe it is not as much cheaper as you think it is. There are so many questions you need to ask regarding the crane systems, you need to consider so many things before buying a used crane.

Is the Manufacturer in the business?

First of all you need to see that the manufacture is still in the business or not. Well, see that there are so many cases of bankruptcy if the manufacture is not in the business now how will you get the parts of your crane if required?

The major components of cranes are Motors, coupling and bearing; if any of the part gets damaged will you get that part since manufacturer is not into business?

All crane manufacturers use different parts in cranes, different types of Motors, different types of contractors, the electrification system is different etc…

Does the crane match your needs

You need to see if the crane matches your existing electrical supply. if you dig deeper, you will find many stories of different customers who bought the crane but later on found out that the crane is of wrong voltage in that situation they bearded the loss, they changed the expensive Motors, they also changed the electrification system. All in all buying a used crane cost them so much

Peace of mind! Ready to give it up

Since you’re buying an old crane you are not going to get the warranty with it. Will you be at peace, knowing that you are not getting any type of warranty, on the contrary if you see new cranes, they come with a year warranty when you get the perfect new crane you can easily order any part if needed. Usually people go for hiring cranes, when you talk about industrial cranes people usually opt for buying a used crane which cost them so much in the long run.

Who is going to do the modification?

Suppose that you have bought an old crane now your crane requires a major electrical modification, have you ever thought who will do it for you? What will be the cost of doing it? What will be the cost of shipping that Crane to the place where it is going to get modified? Since you don’t have any answer to these questions it is better for you to buy a new crane.