In case you are not a Dubai resident, off course there is a lot to know. It can be that you might know little about restaurants, in either case, you need to know a lot. In Dubai, you will find communities from all corners of the planet. Naturally, when people from different cultures reside at a place, they bring with them several traditional things. Among those are their culture, traditions, clothes and food. Upon landing T Dubai airport, you will notice that this city has many Indian restaurants. This is so because millions of Indians reside in Dubai. In fact, Indians outnumber all foreign communities in Dubai by a decent margin. With so many of them living in Dubai, and UAE in general, many Indian restaurants are also seen in the area. South Indian restaurants in Dubai are quite common, so you can enjoy the traditional south Indian cuisine with paying a lot. Here is more on why these restaurants are special:


Unlike cuisines from other corners of the world, the Indian foods have a peculiar taste to them. In fact, the first thing you will notice after eating the food is that peculiar taste. The spice is perhaps the most notable thing in your Indian meal. In fact, most of the cuisines will give you a near perfect blend of spices and salt. If you are akin to eating non-spicy or boiled food, you might notice that the spice is too much for you to handle. However, you can order a less spicy meal like vegetables or soup as well. Still, the taste of most of these cuisines is too good to be true.

Whether you like to have a parotta with chatni (sauce) or love to have the traditional royal rice (biryani), you will find them extremely delicious. Bhaji (mix vegetable) is another popular dish that both Indians and foreigners love to have. Almost all of these restaurants offer tasty and spicy breakfast as well, so that you enjoy a lovely, full of taste morning during your Dubai tour. As such, it makes sense to have several trips to some of the best Indian restaurants while you enjoy the place.

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