Connectivity is an important component in every business today. With solid connectivity, business can conduct their operations smoothly and work can be efficient and effective. And since your system connects all your office equipment together – from your computers to the cctv camera dubai experts – provided in your office, the daily operation is much easier to manage since everything is centralized.


However, there are times that you connection get woozy and unstable. If you are having connectivity problems in your office, be sure to employ these measures:


  • Check your bandwidth allocation

Bandwidth is directly proportional to the number of connected and the applications that these devices are using. Be sure that your Internet provider is giving you the bandwidth that your company needs given the estimated number of devices. To prevent abuse on bandwidth use, it would be best to have a pre-assigned bandwidth for certain devices. This would also prevent unauthorized devices from using your office bandwidth and cause unnecessary slowing down of your connection.


  • Inspect your cabling system

One of the main reasons for the inefficiency of office connectivity is the cabling system, especially if you have lots of devices in your system. In order for the equipment and the connection to run smoothly, you need to have a seamless and comprehensive infrastructure and cabling on your office system. All tech companies are investing top notch cabling system. Even if you are a small business or a non-IT company, it is still your responsibility to ensure you’re your office connectivity is at its finest. Talk to a premier fiber optic cable suppliers in Dubai to know the cabling system that is appropriate for your company.


  • Check the location of your router

If your router is facing a wall or in an enclosed space, then you are bound to have connection problems. Be sure that your router is placed in space that are not blocked by walls or any objects. It should also be placed strategically that it can get a high frequency signal but also

Should cover all the devices that would be needing internet connection. This is applicable both for wireless and LAN connection. If your space is big and you are servicing lots of devices, it would be best to have more than one router.

  • Manage workload

Sometimes, the reason why your connection get slow is because of the workload assigned to each devices. If these devices are using connection at the same time with massive amount of workload, your operation will suffer. Be sure to plot out the schedules of your workload. For instance, systems back up should be done after the daily operations is done as not to disrupt the daytime work.